Homemade tomato cages

chele519(5)May 8, 2008

I have a question about making these. I've gone back and read a bunch of posts but I didn't see this question. I was only able to find 150' rolls of the concrete but I need less than 50', plus it was all rust covered. What I'd like to use is the green vinyl covered fencing. This is the kind of stuff that would go around the outside of the garden to stop animals from getting in. The openings are only 2x3 but I figured I could cut some wire out in some spots to make it bigger. Would this stuff be sturdy enough for the tomatoes? I also plan to use a piece for my snap peas and another angled for cukes. Thanks


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jtcm05(Zone 6 CT)

Lowes sells 50' rolls for around $45. I thought HD did too. They do rust but its no big deal. I have dozens of cages that I've made with it. The 6x6 openings are much more convenient. You start cutting that fencing and you'll wind up scratching yourself on the rusty edges. Not to mention its probably not 5' tall like the mesh is.

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Well the HD I went to only had the 150' at $98, I asked and the guy told me that was all they had, there was no tag for a smaller roll so they weren't just out of stock. The green stuff I was looking at is 5' tall, it comes in different heights. I just wasn't too crazy about that roll after I saw it. I'll check the other HD in the area and see if they have it.

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I had the same experience at the local Home Depot, which is why I'm going to try a Florida Weave (I picked up a bunch of used rebar and assorted other metal stakes/posts for cheap).

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macheske(6/7 NorthernVA)

Our local HD does not have the 50' rolls but the Lowes does.

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Rust does matter. My concrete wire cages are in year 13 and very brittle. Pieces are starting to twist/bend off when the cages are handled. Of course mine are outdoors all year. I don't expect my cages to last more than another year or two. By year 15 my cages will be useless. Still, 15 years is pretty good.

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Well, I thought of another idea. I saw a picture in an old post with someone using flat panels. I think they were called cattle panels. I can't get those but my yard is enclosed by 6' green vinyl chain link fencing. I use part of it for my snap peas. I have some left in the shed so I pulled it out today. I'm going to get those fence posts that are u shaped and run the fencing along one side of the garden. I usually fence it in anyway because of all the cats and loose dogs but I can use that for the tomatoes and cukes and then use the shorter fencing on the other side so I can still climb over easily enough. Besides being better than the stakes, it will also free up some space in the garden so I can plant some extra squash/zucchini.

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Hi,I live in Great Falls Mt.I checked all over and all I can find is 150ft rolls of CR wire.I only need about half of what the roll would make.If I bought the roll and made all the cages 20in in dia that the roll would make.What would be a fair price to sell the extra cages for.I have no idea what a fair price would be.

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Try places like tractor supply and rural king for the cattle (galvanized) panels

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