How many to plant on cattle panel trellises?

jimigunne(9A)March 27, 2011

I have built four big trellises out of 16 ft. cattle panels, with three 10 ft t-posts to support them, so the trellises are 16 ft. long by almost 8 ft high. These have (I think) 4x4 openings. I have many vines and berries in pots ready to plant. Whatever there is not room for on these four trellises will be planted on field fencing formed into cylinder-type cages, I guess.

Here is what I was thinking of putting on the four cattle panels: Seedless grape vines on one, another with blackberries, another with sugar baby watermelon or cantaloupes, and one with kiwis. The question is: how many of each vine should I plant on each trellis...and only on one side? I haven't done vertical gardening before and it takes experience to know this. Thanks for your help!

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