help with building hanging tomato plant stand

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)March 28, 2014

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I have a limited amount of space to garden with, a 20' x 20' plot. I'd like to build a tomato stand where pots hang from it; I'd like for it to take up less space than growing them in the ground, otherwise it defeats the purpose of making it.

I'd like for it to be sturdy, simple to construct, and not be extremely time consuming with making.

I don't want topsy turvey tomato planters (where the plants are in upside down in hanging containers).

Below are some links for ideas I found:

It looks like it would take a fair amount of time to make, and I'd prefer something with a smaller blueprint, but similar in design.

Here is another idea:

It's simpler but I don't want upside down tomato plants; it would need more headroom, since the plants would be right-side up.

If anybody has blueprints or a guide of how to make the plant stand, please be specific with instructions and the material list.

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The first pic uses 5-gallon buckets and what looks like landscape timbers, most likely buried in the ground with a cement foundation. If you don't want them growing from the side or under the bucket, then you have them growing from the top. You can still choose a variety of tomatoes that would be a small bush type (or another description is patio tomatoes).

I don't see any images at the second link.

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how about a shepards hook with a basket of maters growing in it? Just athought. i am starting a pallet garden this year for my tomatoes. i have read mixed reviews about them, but heck its cheap and easy!

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If i have your description right, you must plant bush tomatoes (determinate) that will grow to a compact size. Vine tomatoes (indeterminate) will hang upside down in vertical setups unless you want to harvest them from heights upto 15'.

I am in the process of developing a vertical setup at the moment that can house up to 12 bush tomato plants in 4sq.ft of space. Will share the blueprint when finished.

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