A small green wall... any comments or suggestions?

growbill65March 18, 2008

Hello vertical growers,

We are thinking building a small vertical green wall in our solarium (indoor vertical garden) and are considering using what seems to be a new product on the market called the GrowWall.

From the informations we found on their website, it seems quite interesting for small plants. The density (24 growing sites per modules) will probably cover the white panel and make an esthetic look?

Not that they are expensive, but before we buy (end of April), we would like to know if anyone has experimented this type of vertical culture before. If you have comments and suggestions, me and my wife would appreciate hearing them!

If you have pictures or stories about the GrowWall, please post them ;-) !!!

Thank you,

Bill and Diane.

Here is a link that might be useful: Any one has tried the GrowWall for vertical culture ?

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Never heard of it, but it looks interesting! Keep updating this thread if you decide to use it, if you don't mind.

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

I haven't seen this exact patented system, but seen others that were similar. I was looking into growing strawberries and saw some cool homemade structures with the same premise of growing vertically. One cool part about it is watering from the top and getting all the plants all the way down. From what I can tell, yes, this type of growing works very well, so why not buy the system you mentioned? All the hard work of the vertical system has been done for you.


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Search for Patrick Blanc on Google.
He is a french botanist, and he covers huge vertical walls with plants. He makes amazing walls using hydro-felt.
His web site is

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I am involved with MMA Architectural Systems Ltd, we are the Uk agents for Jakob AG.

We provide stainless steel trellis systems for green walls of any shape or size along with planters, plants and possibly irrigation. We can help you with the design and also installation.

Please visit our website at www.mma.gb.com or www.jakob.co.uk , where we are very happy to help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Wall Systems Website

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mkirkwag(Puget Sound)

How did you find out the prices for grow wall? They don't seem to sell them online anywhere, and there are only the three distributors, who also don't have an online presence...did you see them live? Would you mind giving me a rough idea what they cost? Thanks!

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dragonfly_wings(Z8 - Central TX.)

chefmichel - what is hydro-felt? Is there a supplier link you could provide?

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Hi there - no matter what system you choose you really need to consider how the garden is going to drain from inside to outside.

We frequently review vertical garden solutions that claim to be for indoor use but fail to mention how the water is to be extracted. We find that the vertical garden solution can be drained but only after an expensive visit from the plumber - hardly a DIY solution

Also be mindful that if you secure a vertical garden to an indoor wall you may create moisture problems. A big issue in humid climates like the UK - not such a big deal in dry climates like Arizona.

We used Wally Pockets indoors (in London) without applying a waterproof paint first - big mistake. We tried the same solution in Melbourne AUstralia - no problem

We use minigarden indoors however as mentioned above it requires a plumber if you intend on building a large indoor wall.

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