Leaving them alone is hard

smalltowngalApril 18, 2010

Ok, I moved my worms to the basement for two reasons. One, I was worried about the mudroom still getting a little colder and two, I'm hoping I'll poke around less. This is hard having them the first week and not looking at them 5 times a day. I already know a bunch of things I would do differently. I think so many new worms end up dieing not because people create the wrong environment for their worms but because they can't leave them alone.

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Yep, leaving them alone is hard. I peek several times a day. I really don't think that it bothers them very much. I hope.

Dave Nelson

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No privacy >>> No mating >>> No cocoons.

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You are probably right. I'll try real hard to let them alone for a couple of days.

Dave Nelson

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Get a security cam thats wireless and waterproof and set it up inside the bin (on the side wall), then watch from your computer. make sure the security cam has IR bulbs and night vision. I dont know why youd want to watch, the Discovery Channel probably sells a video of worms mating anyway!

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