Hanging Basket Planters

LullabyF360March 19, 2014

Until we are moved into our newly built house, I have very limited space as far as vegetable gardening goes. Right now my garden in grown in notches dug out from the side of levee of my neighbor's pond. Even still, that is not a whole lot of space, so I am having to resort to container gardening also. I have seen a few photos of people using hanging baskets to maximize space. But what is appropriate to be grown in hanging baskets? I've only seen tomatoes, lettuces, herbs, & strawberries. Can beans also be suitable? Any root vegetables (beets, turnips, carrots, etc)? I am new to this idea & need help & tips.

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All the items you mentioned can be grown in containers. Some can be shallower and some deeper, depending on your plant.

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