Post pics of your small garden (under construction)

bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)April 23, 2007

I've put ALOT of work into my veggie garden this weekend. I dug down 2 and a half feet under the surface of my garden so I could get the tomato cages down deep enough without hitting rocks resembling basketballs and man-hole covers (no kidding). Last year I bought tomato cages at Wal-Mart and after a foot of insertion the rods hit solid rock, so I took them back and planned to dig up the whole garden the next year and really modify the clay soil. On two separate occasions this winter/spring I dug out rock and clay, added a cubic yard of horse-based compost and thoroughly mixed it in with the remaining clay, humus and manure.

Today I finished the digging and mixing, added soaker hoses from Sam's Club (two 50-foot hoses for $11), installed red mulch and finally inserted down new tomato cages. I am going to wait at least another week to add the tomatoes. I still have to get my seedlings aclimated to the outdoors. I accidentally gave them a sunburn today. Hopefully they will recover. You may be thinking from the pictures.. "your garden is tiny and you have too many tomatoes in that little area". You might think this, but I used the same area last year for 7 plants and had a MESS of tomatoes and vines everywhere. Due to the soil condition last year I had stakes everywhere and old coax cable wrapped around to the post and deck to hold them back. It was an orgy of tomatoes, but fruit was produced from July through November.. more tomatoes than I knew what to do with.

Also today I added a 10' fence post (next to the existing one) and chicken wire. I planted pole beans on both sides of the fence. I plan to train them up the wire. The area in front of the cages is reserved for an eggplant and pepper plant. There's a dozen asparagus plants along the side of the house as well. I'll add pictures as I get to more planting.

Please show off what you've mended for your garden so far.

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Here is a side shot of my first Sq Ft garden.
One is 3x4, the other is 4x4. Both trelissed one at 6', the other at 7. Made out of conduit and painted

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

Not as neat, but I have growth. I added my homegrown beefsteak tomato plants, a sun-beaten eggplant (not hardened enough, but surviving, so far), asparagus, basil (not shown.. RIGHT up against the house), Big Bell green peppers, a Mr Stripey tomato plant from Home Depot and Kentucky pole beans. I pulled the garden out another foot and added shallots and garlic! I have some eggplant seedlings and California giant peppers also growing in the middle, but they are not noticeable in the picture.

I also started staining/sealing my patio deck

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Well, here's my small garden! We just got the trellis up this weekend. It's only 4x7 and an experiment really as I've never had a garden before that wasn't in five gallon buckets. We put it in the ONLY spot in the yard that gets full sun!

It contains (from left to right, starting at the trellis) 16 pole beans, 2 canteloupe, 3 tomatoes, marigolds, gypsy pepper, basil, bibb lettuce, yellow and green peppers, oregano, leaf lettuce, turnips, rosemary, spinach, carrots, marigolds, zucchini, onions.

There are a few extra veggies hanging out in pots and buckets too, including swiss chard sharing the front porch planter with the petunias and cucumbers in a planter to trail down a wall.

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