Hiding a Chain-link fence Topiary style?

ErikwithakApril 26, 2011

Hi all,

I'm in Zone 10 (Los Angeles) and looking for plant suggestions for hiding a perimeter chain-link fence. I know this is an often revisited topic but think I'd like to go in a slightly different direction. My main concerns are:

1) Must be dog friendly, my dogs will try to eat anything.

2) I'd prefer something like boxwood or a topiary asthetic being full/dense as a big function here is to screen for privacy.

3) The fence will be 6' tall but a taller growing shrub would also be appreciated. I can keep the height trimmed at bay, but ideally nothing that branches out too far like a tree.

4) I don't mind something slow growing, I've tried Morning Glory & love the look but hated it's maintenance and it's thatching. Scheduled hedge trimming is preferred.

The whole run of the perimeter is just over 100 feet, so I'm thinking of alternating a couple or few bushes or flowering plants to spice up the view.

Thanks for your suggestion & guidance, can't wait to get this project rollin'!

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Would you consider using Bougainvillea? It has topiary potential, comes in many colours, repels intruders, is fairly drought tolerant, responds to pruning.

Another possible is using Juniperus chinensis 'Kaizuka'. A bit 'retro' but may suit your house/yard. If you remove the leading branches then it will widen more than growing tall.

Acca sellowiana is a possible - then you could eat the results, too! It has the plus of being evergreen and the minus of liking some water over the summer.

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Tree ivy is nice.

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