Veggie garden fence

AspenHillAJ(7)April 9, 2012

I live in a part of Maryland with lots of deer. We also have rabbits and some groundhogs.

I'm starting a new veggie garden and prefer not to share the plants with the deer, rabbits and groundhogs.

The garden is only 12 by 15 feet and I plan to fence it as follows.

10 ft 4x4's for posts (2 ft in ground) at corners and where gate will be. Will attach some 7 ft plastic deer fencing with 6 inches on the ground extending out (staked down). I know 8 ft is best, but will then run wire along top with some sort of flags to mark. Supposedly deer won't go over such a wire.

I have seen one groundhog in the yard so am wondering if it will go thru the plastic of if I need to bury some wire mesh to a certain depth.

Any comments would be appreciated.



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deer can clear the fence, but may not because the inside is small & looks like a trap to them.
The flag should work, my brother use tin pie pans, which are bright in sunlight & makes noise when the line is touched.

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