My new vertical garden (with cattle panels)

gwanatuApril 22, 2010

So after reading up about a lot of other people's experiences on here, I decided to go with the cattle panel method. I toyed around with either making the arch type trellis or just making a straight vertical one, and ended up deciding on the vertical one because it would not only cost less, but I felt it would work better in my situation anyway. Without further ado here are some pictures of the first 4 panels that we have up. We're going to have a total of 7 once they are all up.

Close ups of the Jack-O-Lantern plants

We tied the plants to the posts with some nylons

And here are the Casper Pumpkins

We've also got Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Acorn and Butternut squash that we've got on those panels, although they are all still too small to climb like the pumpkins have.

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Looks awesome!!! I've got quite a bit of vertical gardening this year. Yet I'm saving for cattle panels.. (I'm j-rigging this year with salvaged stuff) I've got Casper Pumpkins, Waltham Butternuts,Sugar Sweet Pumpkins, and Long Island Cheese. (they'll eventually be on a fallen tree, swing-set frame, and an farm gate.)

Keep us posted, since your ahead of me I wanna see how your pumpkins do vertically.

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Thanks! I'll make sure to post new pictures as the season goes along.

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Here's all 8 panels put up. Stuff is starting to grow really well, and the pumpkins absolutely love these things!

Little baby Cucumbers:

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Updates! Here's what everything looks like as of 5/23/10:

View of the whole garden from the east side

View of the whole garden from the west side, particularly look at the jack-o-lanterns on the left side and the casper pumpkins on the right side. We are slinging them with pantyhose.

One of the Jack-O-Lanterns, probably 2 weeks old I'd say.

Our first 2 cucumbers. The BEST cucumbers I've ever had. Burpless are amazing, I'll stick to growing these!

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Ugh, one of my watermelons broke itself off the vine last night, probably a combination of when the sprinklers were on and that it was so heavy. When trellising these things you REALLY have to make sure to support them!!

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Well we got invaded by SVB's unfortunately. I've definitely lost 1 Jack-O-Lantern vine and 1 Acorn squash vine, and probably 1 more Acorn, 2 more Jack's and possibly 2 Caspers to these things. Next year I'm definitely covering these plants, as we checked them nearly every day and somehow missed enough eggs to hatch 30+ SVBs, and these things take 7-15 days to hatch!
What I tried to do was slicing the vines open just enough to stick some tweezers in there to remove the SVB grubs. I then smashed them and fed them to the fire ants in the yard. Made me feel better to watch them get carried down in to the mound, knowing they'll get eaten the way they've destroyed my plants. I took some pantyhose and cut them in small strips and tied them around the spots I cut open to try and "suture" the plant's wounds back together in a last-ditch effort to hope the plant survives.

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These are super! How are they secured in the ground?

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The panels are held in by the T-posts you see. you drive them in to the ground about 1ft (they are 6ft long) and then secure the panels to the posts with T-post clips (they give them to you when you buy the T-posts). Super easy to set up.

On another note we got ravaged by Pickleworms it seems. They've attacked all my summer squash (they are done for), and have reached quite a few of my cucumbers as well. Nasty little buggers in a baby acorn squash:

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Nice pumpkin. I really like the use of the cattle fencing and post. Quick and easy. I planted my pumpkins back on the 15th of July. They are no where near as big as your plants. I do have a couple of flowers on them but no pumopkins. How are you going to support them when the get bigger? Will nylons be strong enough to hold them?

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