Plant co-ops?

necia(z7 N TX)February 2, 2010

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone buys plants from co-ops? I have been a member of the BNP yahoo co-op for a couple of years now. Are there any others out there?

I just finished placing an order for 60 lily bulbs and next on the agenda are the Atlas gardening gloves. There are all kinds of other ones going on now, too; daylily, astilbe, woodland ferns, etc.

BTW, BNP is accepting new members now so if anyone is interested in joining, just tell them that Necia from GW sent you!

Just go to yahoo groups and search for: BnPCo-opBuying and then request to join.

:)Happy Gardening!


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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

Necia - how often do you have to place an order? Is there a minimum order size?

Thanks for the additional info. I've never been a member of a gardening co-op before, and am interested, but would like to make sure this is right for both parties before joining. :)

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necia(z7 N TX)


Hi there! The rules state that as a new member, you must participate in at least one co-op the first month you join. That wouldn't be hard right now as there are so many different co-ops open. Sometimes there are minimums.

The lily co-op just closed and there were no minimums. The owner of the co-op, Pam (woodthrush on GardenWeb), lets us know how many of the plants will fit into a flat rate box, the plant price, any surcharges the broker might have (that would usually be freight costs to Pam) and if there is a minimum purchase. On the lilies, 75 bulbs fit into a regular sized flat rate box. I ordered as many as I could to try to take advantage of the postage fee. I left a little room as the Atlas glove co-op may end around the same time and Pam can just add them to my lily box, saving me postage.

Sometimes different co-ops will be arriving to Pam's house at the same time and she can combine shipping. She lets us know upfront if that is the case.

Also, occasionally there is a minimum of plants set. For instance, on the perennial geranium co-op, there is a minimum of 10 that must be ordered. 25 will fit into one box, and it can't be combined with another order. So, if I were going to order geraniums, I would order at least 10 and try to get as close to 25 as I could afford in order to make the most of the postage (about $12.00 per box).

Let me know if you have any further questions; I hope I haven't confused you!

:)Happy Gardening!

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

Thanks! I may give it a try. I've been buttering up DH in anticipation of telling him. :)

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I was a member on there and I got too many dead or dying plants and I would get my plants at the wrong time of the year for here. (The co-op is geared toward people living in the north.) I recently purchased Cajun Hibiscus in 4" pots for $4 each in a co-op at TheGardenGeeks. Right now they are hosting co-ops for seeds and lilies and are gearing up for quite a few other things, as well.

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necia(z7 N TX)


While I have never received a dead plant, I do have to watch the time of year that we are ordering. Last year, I put in an order for perennials and by the time the supplier had shipped them to the co-op host and then they were sent to me, it was just too dang hot here! I don't hold it against the co-op in any way. It was poor planning on my part. I ordered a huge order of crocus and daffodils and they did great! I have no concerns for the 60 lily bulbs that I just ordered, either.

Thanks for the link the TheGardenGeeks! I will check it out!

Happy Gardening,

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I have good results so far from the co-op, the plants and bulbs are nice quality. I wouldn't mind having one for the southern gardeners though.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Mamajack @ cubits has a wonderful co-op open no mandatory purchases.. I have received plants and they were very nice and packed properly.. They always have something going on with all varieties of plants..


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