Transplanting Champanel Grapes--Help

buckstop319(8)February 22, 2012

I have been given several 3 year old Champanel grapevines. They were well cared for since they were originally planted but now need to be moved. I know how to plant grapevines when they come from Lowes :) but this is new to me. I put all the plants in a very large pot and covered the roots with soil. I have kept them moist. They were dug a few days ago and will go into their new homes on Saturday. I have prepared raised beds and think I am pretty good to go on soil, compost, etc. BUT do I trim the roots back and if so, how severely? Or plant them as they are? And should I trim the vines? And once I do plant them is there something besides water I should give them to give them a little push? I am not expecting them to recover enough to get grapes this year. I simply want to give them a good start and hopefully they will survive and become productive in the future. Any advice at all is appreciated. thank you.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I don't have any experience with grapes, but with anything I'm transplanting I try to preserve as much as the root as possible. Unless I get a lot of intact root ball when the plant is dug I usually cut back the top by a half or two thirds since the fine little white feeder roots that support the top of the plant have been destroyed in the digging. I'd do that now as the plant will loose moisture from any leaves and stems while they are waiting to be planted. Also it might be a good idea to water in some root stimulator when you plant them.

You might want to the Fruit and Orchard Forum and see what people who are experienced with grapes can tell you.

Wishing the best.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit & Orchard Forum ...

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Thank you. And after posting this request, I found the vines forum and that helped.

I just went ahead and used some common sense and just planted them. I think they'll be fine. I am heading over to the Fruit & Orchard forum. Thank you..

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paxetamor(7b Abilene TX)

I would enjoy taking a try at some of these. After reading the negative online reviews for Willis Orchard Co, I decided to seek a source elsewhere.

Could you possible give some direction to a reputable supplier?

Thanks and best regards, Mick

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