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perstephone(FL 9b)April 17, 2010

We're trying something at our house- a green fence. It's more like a wall than a fence, but fence height (2 feet tall, fourteen feet long). Based on what I've seen at this blog: The Vertical Garden and what I read in this article: The Walls are Alive, I think it'll work.

So far, we've only gotten the T-stakes and halved cattle panels in; it's just the barest structure. Tomorrow we are planning on putting in the inner structure and filling. Hopefully I can plant early next week- probably ferns, flowers, maybe some dwarf mondo grass, maybe coleus. I'm still trying to figure that part out. We'll use drip irrigation on top, I guess, and we're getting into the rainy season so water shouldn't be too much of an issue.

However, as we're essentially flying blind on this, I thought I'd ask if anyone had any insights on the project before we got too far in.

So. Any advice?

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I'm digging the concept. What I'm not seeing how to prevent the new soil or whatever you fill it with from falling out. The article mentions "wire mesh" which at quick glance makes me think of something more like "rat wire mesh" (1/2 inch). Rather than the panel wire that looks like 2".
But, I may have misunderstood something, but the concept I DIG!!
I'm thinking of ways to adapt it to my needs in the vertical veggie garden.

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perstephone(FL 9b)

Well, it seems the farm (the blog link- they're in WA? I think) is using what looks to be chicken wire right up against the cattle panel, then something like landscape fabric behind that. Soil goes behind the fabric.

To plant, cut the chicken wire, cut the fabric, dig out a bit.

I hope it works, because I'm still not totally convinced that it will- we got rained out over the weekend, though, so we're stuck still. Maybe tomorrow we'll get going again.

More pictures when something changes!

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How is your vertical garden now, did it all work out the way your anticipated ?

Can we see some pictures please ?

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