Vertical Gardening at an Angle

joshinwiMay 30, 2012

Hi All-

I'm new here... actually I'm new to gardening. Giving it a go this year. We'll see how it works out. So far, I'm having a lot of fun.

So I'm doing square foot gardening. Everything is planted and growing as it should, but now it's time that I make trellises.

I understand that a lot of people use conduit to make trellises. Does anyone ever have any issues of the trellises rusting? If they would rust, would that have any impact on the health of the plants?

Also, I want to put my trellises at a 45 degree angle vs. a 90 degree angle. Do you think there would be an issue with that? I have the space, and in my mind I think it will be easier for me.



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I have some cukes grow at 45 degrees.
This photo is a test, made from two flat screens of welded metal wire, with stakes to hold them in place & wired at the top were they touch. I worked very well & I will take photo's for it in use next Spring.

You can move the stakes to any angle from 180 degrees flat on the ground to 90 degrees with no angle at all.

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I've had a conduit trellis for several years, and it's doing fine. As for rust, it's the iron oxide, not harmful to plants. The rust that is harmful to plants is a disease that has nothing in common with rust on metal. I plan to soak the netting in a bleach solution beofe using it again because of disease problems this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: tomato support

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