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snallard(z4SD)May 30, 2007

I'm not even sure where this should be posted, but since it showed up first in my garden I'll try this one. A few weeks ago I found something on the ground in my garden that looked like spray foam insulation. It was very sticky and about that same tan color. I poked it with a stick and it even acted like foam spray insulation. The patch was about 5" in dia. give or take. I thought it might be something an animal had produced, but to be honest in all my years as an outdoors-man I've never seen anything in nature quite like this.

I left it be and went to work and when I got home that evening I went to look at it again and it had turned black, and when I gave it the old stick test again it broke apart into a fine dust. It's happened a few times since and once on the lawn right next to the garden. When I ran over it with the mower it just went up in a black cloud.

It doesn't appear to be coming out of the ground. It looks just like it has been deposited where it lay. I just hope it's not coming from some diseased deer or something of that nature. If it happens again I'll try to get some pictures posted. In the meantime anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Next time, you might want to try the Pests and Diseases Forum....for a prompt answer.

You've discovered what is called a slime mold, a harmless protist which really isn't a mold or a fungus. OR animal produced, though one of the most common slime molds is called 'Dog Vomit' mold. Kinda fits, doesn't it?

Slime molds are not harmful to anything, so you don't need to worry about it, or try to spray it with anything.

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