Potworms - how to reduce them in large bin?

ThornezillaApril 30, 2014

I've got an outdoor large wooden bin, and have been noticing an increase in the numbers of what appear to be potworms over the last 6 months. These aren't maggots, have no legs, and aren't maturing into anything else - they remain thin white worms up to an inch long.

Several threads mentioned overfeeding, or feeding starchy foods as a cause of potworm population increase. Others mentioned too moist an environment.

I want this thread to address the specific question of potworms in red worm bins, what specific conditions cause them to prosper, and what can be done to reduce their numbers.

The main drawback that I can see at this time is that the worm castings have to be left in the sun for several days to kill the potworms after the red worms have been removed. Their may be other drawbacks, but from what I've researched on this Forum, they don't seem to have any direct negative impact on red worms in the way springtails do.

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This page and video directly answers most of my questions about potworms, but I'm still looking for info from folks on this Forum also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Potworm video and brief discussion

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