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suburbanfarmgirl(9 (Riverside County-Elsinore))July 21, 2010

I don't know how to post a picture in the message (copy & paste didn't work)... I saw the coolest thing the other day that is something I want to do at home. It's a Growing Wall.

The middle was made of dirt covered with shade cloth. Covering that was chicken wire then hog panels. They cut holes into the shade cloth where they wanted to put plants - and it turned out lovely. I've taken pictures of it and it's on my webpage at

Where I saw this was a little place called "A Knot In Thyme~Holly Farm and Lavender Gardens" and you can see it on their website at My page has a lot of pictures and a video of it too.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has done anything like this before and how it turned out for you. Also if anyone can think of ideas for this - what to grow, how to construct it, etc.



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I tried to make something for a wall hanging using succulents. it worked but aesthetically it could have looked far better. I would be interested to know how the owners made their own living wall. What supports the wall, what sort of irrigation system does it have? Did they provide information on how it was built?

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I haven't tried it myself but have seen them popping up all over. Woolly pockets seems to be a popular product for everyday use.
I found this for heavy duty vertical gardening

Ianna- what did you use?

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Well I used wire basket which I reshaped to a tube form and used weed cloth to line the basket. But like I said, it could have looked better so while it worked, I decided to throw it away.

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I located containers for living wall systems at Lowes over the weekend and so purchased one.

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