Secret to growing sweet cantaloupe?

lasparks63July 11, 2009

Is there one? I'm just wondering. The first one was terrible. I think it's because it poured down rain the day before it was ready. The next one was better, but not a lot. I read something about only allowing so many to grow on a vine at one time, but can't find the post. Just wondered if anyone has any tips.



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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

For the last 2 weeks before the fruit matures, only give the plant enough water to keep it alive. This is what makes melons sweet.


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It sounds like you may be picking them a little early. I would recommend that you wait until the webbing is really pronounced, the fruit should have a hollow sound when you thump it with your finger. Also, it should smell really sweet. After all that When you pick yours from the vine allow it to sit in the sun for one or two days. This will concentrate the sugars and the taste is phenominal. I am in my second growing season. This has worked well for me this year. My kids can't wait for the cantelope to be ripe because it is so good.

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I grew ambrosia's this year. I didn't get very many because I only planted a couple of plants. However, the ones I did get were excellent. As far as what to do about the sweetness....mine were sweet and I didn't do anything to them. Also, about picking when ripe.......when the cantalope are ripe they will detach themselves from the vine. I promise!! I read this somewhere and told my husband and he didn't belive me. So I was determined to prove him wrong. The first cantalope was just turning from green and I would not touch it. Then I went out there and it did detach itself from the vine. I brought it in that afternoon, cut it up and we ate it. It was so sweet and not over or under ripe!! I also read that when growing the cantalope plants when the vine begins to get too leggy to pick off the leggy part with no blooms and it will cause more female blooms to come and produce more cantalope.

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