Pole Snap Beans Are Climbing

Joeray(Z9 LA)August 4, 2007

I rigged up a electrical conduit, wood strips and string trellis for my rattlesnake snap beans and they're to the top and spreading out. It's pretty even if I didn't get any beans but I am getting some. I have to pick them off a ladder but I enjoy the view when I'm at the top picking beans, almost like Jack and the beanstalk. By the way, this is a good forum, I'm surpised not many posting are on it recently.

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)


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;-p look at the date posted, doubt they even read here anymore, heh.

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Hi, I am new, and I haven't had time to update my page. Anyway, I am growing pole beans (regular), and I am using a large tomato cage instead of a trellis. I intend to train the vine up then down and so. I will let you know if I have enough room for growth in the tomato cage.
Also, I put three seeds?? Maybe two seeds would fit better; I will find out. Happy gardening..Daisy PA I live in Pa what's my zone?

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