Cantaloupe on trellis are taking forever to ripen

jokuehn(5)August 29, 2013


I have grown ambrosia cantaloupes on a trellis for the first time this year. I have the melons on slings so they don't break off prematurely and everything is going well, except that they seem slow to ripen.

Only a few have the netting and the melon is still green underneath, not tan like it's supposed to be. Are they going to take longer to ripen because they aren't on the ground? Any help or input is welcome. Thanks!

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I grew ambrosia cantaloupes on a trellis this year and they did great. You just have to be patient, once it gets the netting all around it goes pretty quick.

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Hi, You are right. I have had two ripen so far. I guess you do just have to be patients. Thanks for your response.

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