Garden Tower Project reviews?

sunauna(6/7)August 28, 2013

Has anyone used the Garden Tower Project structure?

I am wondering how successful it is for the plants (e.g. does water get where it needs to go, how crowded/spaced out do the plants need to be, etc.) and for managing the unpalatable aspects of composting (smell, escaping worms).

Any feedback would be great.


Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Tower Project

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My co-worker in the cubicle across from me at work purchased one last year. She still raves about how well it did. She sent me progress pictures by the week and it seems to do really really well. The compost won't smell if you follow the instructions on what to add to the tube.

The only thing she said about it is you really need to think out where you place everything because when it's small everything is fine. However once it gets big, it can crowd out certain plants. She grew lettuces and other things around her bigger plants so once they started getting large, the lettuce plants were basically done producing. Also on top, she did a tomatillo, bell pepper, and a tomato plant (Roma) so it can handle some larger plants.

If you PM me your email, I can email you some pictures of her tower probably from mid-season.

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I remember this now. I saw a YT video on it. One of the concerns was that you may need to rotate the tower so that all sides get sun, in case that they don't. However, that would be a condition that any of these round towers have.

Second concern is just to make sure and plant larger plants at the bottom so that they don't shade out the smaller plants. But again, that is a problem with these round tower designs, not just this one.

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These are on wheels so you can spin them, use less then 10% of the water needed when growing in soil, have fewer pests, are on a timer and self water, grow 30-90% faster than in soil and you can grow up to 28 plants in a 2.5' x 2.5' space without upgrading the stock pump.

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I sure wish @scottberry would stop trying to sell his product on any post like this.

@Admins - shouldn't people like this be banned from this site? They are not legitimate contributors...only here to troll and sell their product.

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Excellent question.
I have a 55 gallon barrel and want to try to do this next year by making our own. My husband will work with me to make the holes. I LOVE peppers and want to try to do this with pepper plants. The only thing is that I can see being a problem is the pepper plants getting top-heavy. But need to figure out some sort of support system.
Rollen...would love to see the photos. Going to PM you shortly.

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