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sdpaSeptember 18, 2007

This I can do, I know I can. My DH and I want to plant a veg garden next year and I love the idea of vertical gardening. What do I need to do this fall? Anything?

Besides cucbers, melons, beans and squash what else can I grow vertically? We're not fans of tomoatoes but I'd grow some for the experience.

What's the best and / or easiest way to trellis the vines? I looked at another post who has a great pvc trellis system (sorry, I cannot recall the gentleman's name). Is that expensive? Am I better off, cost / maintenance wise going w/ cattle fence?

Any good articles / sources I should check?

Thanks in advance!


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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

You probably saw my post on my cattle panel arch trellis I made. I must comment it has worked wonderfully for cucumbers and to prop my tomatoes against. For $30 in parts, it's probably the single best garden purchase I made this year. I am thinking of covering it with that thick plastic that bed mattresses come inside this winter and making it a mini greenhouse. I am working ideas to create walls for the open sides. I very pleased with how well my arch has supported all the plants I added around it.

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Hi, I make most of my vegetable trellises using 5 foot landscaper stakes and junk I have around the house. They're cheap and made out of really tough stuff.
For the squash I drove the stakes in the ground where I wanted them and screwed u-shaped organizer hooks into the top (sold at most hardware stores, usually covered with red rubbery stuff), then I took a long bamboo pole and rested the ends in the u hooks and wove a net using string - I got the basic idea from the tire recycling book.
Last year I made a tall bean trellis using stakes and scrap 1 x 3's, drive the stakes into the ground, screw 8' 1x3's to the stakes, with the u hook screwed into the end and you can lay another 1x3 on top. Tie strings to the top 1x3 and another string at the base horizontally and tie the verticle strings to it to anchor them.
I also made simple trellises for cukes using the stakes as side rails, scrap lumber across the top and 3 or so feet down to make a frame and stapled chicken wire to it. Drive the stakes into the ground where you want the trellis.
I think last year my neighbors were totally freaked when these structures started sprouting in my yard but when everything was growing they were pretty impressed. At the end of the season it all comes apart real easy too.
Good luck!

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