Decorative grow lights for living wall?

presidiogardenOctober 17, 2011

I just ordered the Wally Pocket system to create my vertical garden, and I am thrilled for it to arrive! I plan to cram it with ferns, elephant ears, hanging ivies, and peace lilies. The great thing is that it will double as a sound barrier between the neighboring apartment.

Since my living room is north facing and doesn't get a great amount of direct sunlight on the wall I plan to install it on, I would like to install a grow light system over the plants. However, I am having a hard time finding the right set equipment online.

I am looking for something that is attractive and also practical- something that will direct the light down onto the walls onto the plants instead of out into my living room. My set up is going to be 66" wide and 26" high (with room to grow) so I need something that can diffuse light onto a wide space. Also, are there battery powered grow lights available so that I do not have to hang an ugly cord down the wall?

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Bumping this up because I have similar issues with indoor plants.
Anyone out there with a suggestion? Not specifically for a living wall but for any indoor plants?

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