Best varieties for vertical growing

tatton95(5)November 10, 2011

I am looking for the best varieties for vertical growing. I use cattle fencing with 5"x 5" squares that are 6-7 feet tall. I am looking for tried and true varieties of cucumbers (pickling and slicing), squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe, watermelon and other vegetable or fruits that can be grown vertically. I am looking for varieties that are productive, taste great, powdery mildew resistant and can support the weight of the fruit. Thanks.


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Any vine plant will work,even watermelons.
You will need a strong support system, I use 2x4 A frame or 1.5 inch bamboo pole, nylon string to support vines & nylon stocking as pockets to hold large fruit.

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Sun Sugar and Sun Gold tomatoes grow up my cattle panel arbor, which is about 7 ft tall in center. I tie branches up with string or cord as they grow. I do use a short stool to help pick fruit on top.
Butternut squash, pole beans, cucumbers, cantaloupe do well too. Next year I plan to also put "Big Beef" indeterminate tomato on the arbor. I also did birdhouse gourds one year.

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