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grullablue(5)December 27, 2011

I've been learning all I can about supporting grapes, as I'd like to grow some here. There are some grapes on my property, don't know what kind, but they're small, seeded, and a bit sour for my taste. They are growing beautifully on a fence.

I've been looking at trellis/arbor ideas, and have seen a lot of great pictures here of your use of cattle panels! I was wondering...has anyone tried to use the cattle panels, maybe two high, on their sides on the ground? Maybe use two, connected together, and make walls with them and a doorway, perhaps like a circular room that would later be walled by grape vines growing within the panels (and over, perhaps.) I've got it in my head, and think it would be beautiful. Could cut more panels to put across the top, or fasten high tensile wire across the top. Would use t-posts or some sort of posts to support the panel.

Just wondering if this is a crazy idea, or if people have actually seen it done? I have a truck, and a supplier for the panels 5 minutes away.... not sure on measurements, but thinking four panels for the sides, two across, two high, in a circle, two high...and figure out the top later. Would make for a beautiful sitting area down the road, don't you think?

Anyone have any thoughts as to why this might not work? I'm not much of a builder, but something like this, I could do. Connect the panels with wire or perhaps zip ties...and use long enough t-posts to tie in to the top panel too. I have some 7 foot t-posts...that oughtta work.

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I just thought I'd add...I got the idea from a metal corn crib that's been sitting empty at my mom's for years. I LOVE that thing, and would love to bring it home. I just see something in it that some may not see. It has a metal roof, and the sides are made of wire panels similar (but thicker than) cattle panels. I love that thing, and have thought how beautiful it would be to have vines growing up the sides. If it wouldn't be such a big chore to take down and move, I'd love to have it here.

If the link works, here's an example of one, on this blog, I don't think the one at my mom's is quite as big, and there's little rust on it. It's just beautiful. So got to thinking if I could make a "mini" corn crib of my own....for grape growing!

Here is a link that might be useful: link to corn crib pic

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