1st Time going Vertical- will this work and what to under plant

foodeefish(z8SC)December 30, 2012

I have a 20"x20" main Garden as well as eight 4'x8' raised beds. I want to try Vertical gardening this year so I was wondering what everyone plants under their tomatoes that they grow vertical?

I figured I grow vertically Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pole Beans, Birdhouse Gourds, Butternut Squash, and Luffa.

2nd Question - I have cemented four 4'x4' posts in each corner of the Main bed and will use 1/4" Stainless Steel Braided wire overhead on each row to string each plant up. Has anyone ever tried this method?

Thank You

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It sounds like you have a great garden space.

Does luffa make a massive vine? I've not ever grown it but a friend told me it would make a good privacy fence if grown just right.

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Thanks for reply "gerris2". It's an informative query asked. It will be useful for me in future.

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If the tomato plants will shade the ground part partially, you can grow some lettuce, it is quite shade tolerant and if you transplant seedlings, you can get multiple harvests out of the same space! Otherwise leafy greens do well...just make sure you dont grow something needing lots of nutrients as there will be too much competition between the plants :)

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