bought wrong worms

dragonfly_acreApril 1, 2012

I mistakenly bought Canadian worms because it said "red wigglers" on the container at the bait shop. I now realize which worms I'm supposed to have and have ordered them. In the meantime my bait worms are in a prepared worm bin.

What should I do with them now?? I don't know anyone that could use them for bait and I don't think they survivie temps above 65 degrees.

Can I just put them in my flower beds?

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You should take them back to the bait shop and trade them in for the right worms. "Red wigglers" are not the same as canadian nightcrawlers. Around here red wigglers come 50 to a pack and are small. Good luck.

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Thanks....but naturally I threw the containers away. =(

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I fear the solution to this problem may be found in a fishing trip... :)

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