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blancsponsFebruary 21, 2008

I'm trying to plan a new large bed behind my garage which borders our pool. The area is about 30'x15', I don't know how I'll break that space up yet. It is in full sun. I'm new to Texas, and read on another thread that "full sun" on a plant tag doesn't mean "full sun in Texas." I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on plants and flowers that wouldn't wilt or bake in our sun. Shrubs? Roses? Perennials? I'm open to anything! Thanks in advance.

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there are many natives that can handle the full sun. I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestions. My favorite is lantana - blooms for a long time, perennial, attracts butterflies, gets nice and bushy.

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denisew(z8 TX)

Just be careful you don't get something that blows flowers or berries into your pool - a pain to keep the pool clean and can clog filters.

Autumn sage would be nice planted there along with mealycup sage with its' blue flowers. Rock rose would also be a nice plant for a border that size, but should be towards the back since it can reach 3-4 feet tall. If you want roses, look for the EarthKind roses - Knockout comes in red, pink and a double bloom that is red and stays a reasonable 4 foot tall and wide. Powis Castle Artemesia is also a great plant since it is soft. It might be good along the front border where people will likely brush up against it - you don't want them getting poked with thorns. If the Knockout rose is too big, Perle D'Or is a bit smaller and has apricot/blush colored blooms - very pretty little rose bush. I think a mixture of these plants would offer color through the growing season. You can place some evergreen shrubs along the back - maybe Nellie R. Stevens to anchor the corners and a couple other evergreens as background green color mixed along the back border.

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mandib(z8 WAustin)

I love lantana, too. And Rosemary. It grows fast and looks impressive to non-gardeners.

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I saw a picture (think it was from this list), of a pool with various cannas of differing colors and heights. It was very nice. Don't think there were other plants. Perfect for a pool garden. They do die back during the winter but mine are already leafing out.

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nightrider767(San Antonio)

I have Mexican Heather and palms. Mexican Heather is a cheap plant available at Home Depot. OK,, I know it's not the most imaginative choice. But it's very heat tolerant, doesn't need much in the way of improved soil, and has very nice small purple flowers.

It'll keep fine till the first freeze and die back. But in San Antonio it's starting to come back now. Oh yeah, one more thing, the bees love this plant. So be advised. On my end, I think bees are important, so I'll happy to see them.

Good luck.

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The lantana will probably make too many seeds for the pool area.
I love cupheas, they attract bees, butterflies & hummers, some bloom year round, drought tolerant, heat tolerant, salt tolerant, easy from cuttings.
Mexican heather proved a bit too invasive for me.
How tall do you want towards the back? Bananas? Gingers?
When you go to the garden center, if the plants are out in full sun & look good then they will grow in full sun for you. I like to buy stuff at 70% off at those big box places in the winter because usually it has survived at least one season in full sun on black pavement, it's bound to survive in my yard!
Come to one of the many plant trades this spring, there are several in Houston-Mercer, Galveston County & Fort Bend.
Tally Ho!

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I would probably start with some sun loving palms. Queen palms grow fast and should be cold hardy in Houston.

My roses weren't happy in full baking sun, so I planted a crape myrtle in front of them.

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Thank you all for the excellent suggestions. I ended up getting Mexican Heather, Silverado Sage, Salvia, Nandina, Purple Fountain Grass, Phlox and Coreopsis for the large bed. In front of a lattice fence I got cannas with Artemisia. I started zinnias and cosmos from seed indoors too. I still have one more bed right next to the pool to do... I was thinking crinums? Now the real work begins!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I have a long bed of crinums next to my pool, and it has served me well in more than one way. Not only is it attractive, but it also keeps the leaves that fall on the deck from blowing into my pool. I think you will be pleased with this decision.

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Mexican Bush Sage is my favorite behind my pool. The hummers LOVE it!

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Mexican bird of paradise is a good one. Daylilies. Texas native red yucca. You can always travel around your neighborhood a little and see what others have planted in the hot sunny areas. good luck with the new plants !


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Well the first flower bed is done! Man, that was a lot more work than I thought! Here's how it turned out...

The second bed will have an angels trumpet, crinums and cannas. I've got a lot more work to do for that one to come together though.

I wanted to say thank you for all your suggestions, it helped me tremendously!

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Well done!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Please post again when it fills in - going to be so beautiful --- good job!!

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that was beautiful! i agree, post the pic again when all the plants have filled out the bed.
this thread has given me some wonderful ideas for full sun areas in my backyard.

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Thanks everyone! Here is how bed #2 turned out...

There are crinums, brugmansia, dahlias, irises, cosmos, zinnias, and a long line of cannas behind the artemisia.

Now for my big problem spot...

The pool equipment is quite an eye sore! We can't put in a lattice fence like I'd planned because we can't dig down into the ground for the posts with all the pipes running there. So that also means that I can't dig down to plant anything with a large root system. What can I put in front of the equipment to hide it? Help!

Thanks again!

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Annual fast growing vine on some store bought trellis(es) across the front. PJ

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

What about a seating area? Check out the site, it has a lot of good ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: covered garden seat,cedar lattice panels

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Here are some photos of what the two new beds look like today. Pjtexgirl, I took your advice about the lattice in front of the pool equipment- and it looks great! Thanks again to everyone for all the advice. Bed 1 is a little crowded... I had no idea how much salvia would spread!

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