WANTED: Rose of Montana

angelsrwatchnFebruary 25, 2008

I am looking for Rose Of Montana seeds, a elderly lady that I love so much had this vine on a trellis and it is beautiful when in bloom with lots of tiny pink flowers. It makes a small blackish brown seed after blooming. Something killed her vine out and I cannot find these seeds anywhere.

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do you have a picture or botanical name so I can help you find it..

sounds beautiful
I Love Vines

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I dont have a picture of this vine and have tried to search the hortiplex but had no luck. The lady I spoke of is no longer able to tell me anything about this vine all I know is the name she told me before, guess it may not be the real name for it???

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Hi. How tiny were the flowers? Was it a rampant grower or well behaved?

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gardengrannie(z9a LA)

According to my copy of "Southern Plants", Rose of Montana is also called Rosa de Montana, and coral vine. It's real name is Antigonon leptopus. I remember it from years back and have seen it on fences again lately. One of the major seed retailers may have the seed.

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I know this post is years old... but did you ever get these seeds? I have this plant growing now. It's blooming and will seed soon.

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