WANTED: Wanted Matalea's and Climbing Milkweeds

dizzy45vines(5N)February 21, 2008

These are a climbing milkweed may go as a common vine name like Twine vine allof these are host plants for the monarchs and a beautiful flowering vine..

Matalea gonocarpa has the purple flower

Matalea flavidula has the yellow

Matalea Decipiens

Matalea Baldwyniana

Matalea Carollensis

Matalea Obliqua

Matalea Reticulata-Pearl milkvine

and if you need any pics for these for ID'ing let

me know... but am looking for any kind of Matalea's

Also Sarcostemma cynanchoides also known as Fringed Twin vine..

I have to trade please also check my list

Cynanchum Laeve-Honeyvine

Grandpa Otts MG

Mini Blue MG

Milky Way MG

Trumpet vine-yellow-2 trades left

Trumet vine-Orange/red

Lunaria-purple flowers

Physotegia virginiara

Hibiscus dinner plate-pink and a white one

Bittersweet Vine

I might have other things not listed please always

ask me.


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