patty_cakesFebruary 9, 2010

I love Hollyhocks and am wondering if they grow in the TX soil with any amount of success or is it just too dang hot? I'm originally from IL where we had hot humid summers, and Hollyhocks grew, but were more 'wild'(alleys) than garden beauties. ;o)

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I have Hollyhocks and they do just fine as long as they don't get the hot afternoon sun. Mine only get morning sun and bloom great. When I first got some I planted them in full sun, but just couldn't take the Texas heat and I transplanted them in part shade.


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Hi Mary, the area i'm thinking of planting them gets morning sun too, so that's perfect. Where did you get your plants, or were they started from seeds? I can finally have Hollyhocks(hopefully!)~yeaaaaaaa. ;o)

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I got my plants from a fellow gardener. She also had hers planted that only got morning sun. I have also winter sowed some hollyhock seeds and right now I have sprouts.


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maybe my problem is too much sun! Mine get rusty spots all over them, I assumed fungus...which may be true in my garden...but maybe it's just too sunny.

What dod they look like when they get too much sun?

I love the flowers and mine return. Last year I had the doubles that look like pompoms. I tossed out a lot of seeds in late fall. If plants make it I'll have plenty to share.


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I took these picture of hollyhocks at San Antonio's Antique Rose Emporium and they were doing great. Click on image for larger picture.

ARE often has four inch pots of things they have planted out. I'm not certain, but there might be some varieties of hollyhocks that do better in the heat and humidity of San Antonio than others. You might want to call them and find out what they recommend and if they have them for sale.

7561 East Evans Road
San Antonio, TX 78266-2823
(210) 651-4565

I couldn't find their website -- just their blog:

Here is a link that might be useful: A Daily View of ARE San Antonio ...

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I have grown hollyhocks before and had problems with rust on some of them. I recall I used to treat them with a solution of baking soda and dish soap. Hollyhocks, unfortunately, are just prone to rust. Some of the newer cultivars are more "rust resistant", but, that said, it doesn't mean they won't succomb to it.

The rust is a wind borne fungus apparently that can overwinter in your plant debris year to year if not treated. It is not in the soil. I found the attached GW thread discussing various organic treatments for the rust. I had not heard of top dressing the soil with corn meal, and if I ever grow them again, will try it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hollyhock Rust Treatment Suggestions

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thank you for the rust info. Unfortunately I tried cornmeal with great passion and hope one year and found it was useless.


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I don't know where in texas you are, but I'm just west of fort worth and my hollyhocks did amazingly well last year. They were on the east fense, so they were shaded by the fense in the afternoon. I grew them from seed, so they didn't do much the first year. but, the next year I got tons and tons of seeds. You are welcome to some if you want. As far as I know, they are a dark red.

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susantexoma(7b TX)

I moved to north central Texas (Grayson County) from New England 2 years ago, and planted hollyhocks right after we moved here, in August or September. They grew well and bloomed beautifully the next spring - but then they were totally decimated by rust. If you don't have rust troubles, I think hollyhocks could do very well for you here - give them a try!

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I love my Hollyhocks! We planted some from seed and some from starters from the big box stores. Some of the plants are 6 ft tall and some very compact. I planted them in a bed that is shaded in the morning and has full hot sun from about 11 am till 7 pm. At first they wilted and I even lost a few. The yardman told me to put at least 3 inches of mulch on the entire bed. Never lost any after that and they have bloomed very well. As of yet we have not had troubles with rust although last year my Zinas had rust as we had 27 inches of rain over July 4th.

I see hollyhocks in the city parks in beds with no protection. They all look dead now as there is not a watering system and we have had no rain since October 23, 2010.

I have lots of seeds and was wondering when I put them out. Do I need to pull back the mulch until they come up? or do I need to start them in pots and then transfer in the spring?

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