First harvest of rubbermaid bin

jonas302(central mn 4)April 4, 2009

I just harvested 40 pounds of castings and I'm happier than a worn in manure

I just wanted to share my setup so other newbies don't get scared to start a bin

Last fall I found a 35 gallon rubbermaid laying around poked it full of holes I put a hole with screen over it on the bottom for drainage in the basment I had an old table that takes a center leaf so I opened the center and put the bottom drain over a pail it never really had much to drain though

The bin was started with wet shredded newspaper somecardboard an old bag od peat moss and a handful of sand and two pounds of worms off Ebay I wish I remembered the seller they were great worms

I wasn't shy about feeding them the bin being so big there was plenty of space I gave them everything I had from a egshell to a few pound of trimmings a day odor wasn't a problem I did have to increase the top layer of bedding to keep the fruit flies away

It has been a simple and carefree experience thanks to all the people on here so go out and get a bin going

I'm going to work on a barrel flow though for the summer

Thanks All


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Would like to see a picture! 40 pounds is a lot! Good for you!

How did you harvest?

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jonas302(central mn 4)

Thanks I'm really happy to compost my kitchen waste during the MN winter. I will try to get pics after I get my camera to work although its not much to look at(:

I harvested very slowly using the dump on the floor drive the worms down with light I wanted to try the burlap method but didn't find any right at the moment which is why I will be working on a flow though

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There is no way I would dump and sort my 35 gallon container. 10 gallons was bad enough.

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