HAVE: Have: red trumpet vine

aikanae(z9b AZ)March 6, 2009

Vigorous growing vine. It's still dormant right now.

I am looking for heat tolerant plants since I'm starting out from scratch (again).

So make me an offer.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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wow trumpet vine! the plant? i was given seeds in a swap but the never sprouted. i'm really looking for the plant. you know a good few chuncks of rooted peices. i know people like to trade plants for plants. i don't have any heat tolerant plants growing. but i have some zinnia seeds. they are very drought tolerant, and they grow very fast! by may they will be 3 ft tall and great cut flowers. and when you cut them they produce two more flowers at the cut point. they cannot survive with "wet feet" Also i have marigold seeds that grow like crazy in the heat. oh, and i have some daturas that bloom in the evening that have huge white trumpet shaped blossoms, they actually originated in the desert! i hope these would be worth some of your trumpet vine. please let me know thanks!

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aikanae(z9b AZ)

Yup. Lots of the plant. It's dormant right now so it'll be bare root. It may take 2 years to show signs of growth (but not always). Then it can go nuts, depending on the amount of sun and water. A neighbor never waters hers (central Az) and it stays small and controlled. Mine? well I loose a 100' section of my fence every summer with lots of runners and it's pretty wild. The vine has to be tolerant of a lot of conditions since my start came from the Pacific Northwest.

It's an excellent hummingbird draw. I like it because it's a high nectar/low pollen plant and doesn't cause hayfever.

Zinnas and marigolds are perfect for cover and weed suppressors. Love 'em. I have always admired daturas but haven't tried them - and I'd LOVE to. That's a big WOW. I've got a white garden started near my house which should be perfect... I'm VERY happy.

EMAIL ME. Let's get started! I'll throw in anything else I may have left over. Ya' never know what will grow sometimes.

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