Individual Vermicasts

equinoxequinoxApril 24, 2013

All vermicompost is good and vermicastings are what we are working towards. I am under the impression that there is some value in having individual vermicasts to sprinkle into the soil as opposed to vermicast mud. Isn't each casting coated in a wee bit of calcium. Doesn't this keep each casting separate. The value of this in the soil would seem to be porous crumbs or granular texture which is especially good at holding both a thin film of water and tiny tunnels of interconnected pockets of air. This is for oxygen exchange, as well as moisture holding and transport. The individual vermicasts seem designed to both store extra water and release it as needed during times of drought. There is also to my belief that the special surface coating of the individual vermicast has some sort of soil cation exchange magic going on. Thus I would like to direct my vermicomposting activities to maximize crumbly, individual vermicast harvesting. No not with tweezers. I see some of the vermicast they sell appears granular with structure. Is anybody else trying for vermicastings that look like this? This would seem to be the next step after succeeding keeping the alive, contained and producing.

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Dispersal of VC (vermicastings) evenly (like those nasty old chemical fertilizers) is, of course, the ideal and most efficient way to get maximum worth out of that black gold.

However, if it is clumped together, unlike chemicals, it won't fry your plants/grass/gardens. You coud pile it up knee deep without burning up your plants.

OK, not THAT deep or it would block out the sun.


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