Spotted Tomato Wilt Virus

Deborah-SC(8a)May 30, 2012

I had to pull out one of my Roma tomatoes today due to spotted tomato wilt virus. So far the other 4 do not show any symptoms. Do you think I'll lose them too?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Deborah, if you're SURE that your one plant had TSWV then you know that thrips are the insect vector for that disease.

And they usually land not just on one plant but in an area, so if it is TSWV then I think it's possible that your other plants will also get infected with TSWV.

But let me copy some words from my Seminis tomato pathology monograph which I think is interesting and pertinent in your case and that of others.



(The virus has a very wide host range from which it can be transmitted in a persistent manner by thrips.Although the virus is acquired at the larval stage it is only spread by the adults which are wind-borne to tomatoes from infected weeds or ornamental plants. Usually there is very little spread WITHIN a tomato crop.)

Where I live and garden we don't have TSWV but over the years I've learned a lot from tomato folks in areas where it is a problem, and most of them say that usually many plants in the same area become infected.

Perhaps the Seminis monograph is speaking primarily to large scale tomato growers who have hundreds of acres of tomatoes each year.

Best I can do with your question.

And if you Google TSWV I'm sure you can come up with the names of some of the alternative hosts such as weeds and others that are the major problem for home growers.


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Thanks for your reply Carolyn. Yes, I researched - I guess I just wanted some anecdotal evidence that all is not lost!

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