WANTED: Holly Flame Vine

dizzy45vines(5N)April 15, 2008

Does anybody grow this vine

botanical name is

Chorizema illicifolia?

here is my list



Anise hyssop

Apple of Peru - Nicandra physalodes

Butterfly bush -Yellow

Cynanchum Laeve-Honeyvine

Grandpa Otts-Morning glory

Milky Way - Morning glory

Minature blue morning glory

Four o'clock - Mirabilis jalapa

Foxglove-different colors

Hollyhock - mix -mostly old heirlooms

Liatris-Blazing star

Malva - Mix

Lunaria-purple flowers

Hibiscus-Dinnerplate-pink and a white one

Hibiscus-tall 5 feet, white with red center

Rose of Sharon-Purple with red center

Red trumpet vine

Orange trumpet vine


Asclepias - hello yellow -perennial

Asclepias- upright varieties- do not need

syrica the common milkweed

Clitoria ternatea - bright pink

Clitoria ternatea fragrans

Chorizema illicifolia-Holly Flame Vine

Cynanchum Varieties

Matelea's - climbing milkweeds

Matelea Biflora-star or twin flower milkvine

Matelea Reticulata

Cobaea vine seeds- light plum, key lime, lutea

or flava the flava is a yellow.


Centrosema arenicola



Sarcostemma varieties

Stigmaphyllon -butterfly vine

Wanted Sweet Pea's -Lathyrus

Lathyrus belinensis

Lathyrus Vernus

Lathyrus Sativus azureus-blue

Lathyrus Black Diamond

Lathyrus King Edward VII-red

Lathyrus Streamer Mix

Lathyrus Streamer-Purple

Lathyrus Streamer-Scarlet

Lathyrus Streamer-Blue

Lathyrus Streamer-Pink

Lathyrus Streamer-Orange

When doing my Seed Trades I use a Padded

envelope please do the same for me!

Thanks for looking



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