HAVE: Variegated Porcelain Berry vine

debbiep_gwMay 19, 2011

I have this vine to trade.Its a four inch pot size.Check my wants or I might consider offers.Debbie

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Erylyn(8A Washington)

Hi! I have been looking for Porcelain B. vine variegata since I moved to Colorado in Dec. and had to leave all 2300 plants behind.

This is Ampelopsis, I assume? Here's what I have off of your lists to trade for it:
Tarahumara Salvia from Bolivia
Solanum mammosum from Bali. It's an eggplant with bright red fruits that are being used for hayfever, allergies and rhino/sinus infections.
Rarer, endangered Echineceas
Sophora, yellow
Some very unusual tropicals from working at a Univ. biodiversity conservatory.

If at all possible, I am desperate for Sedums, especially the prostrate types. I noticed you listed S. acre as a plant which you have, and wondered if we could work something out?
Thanks so much!

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Thanks for your interest Erylyn but I'm looking for plant trades for the VPBV.

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