WANTED: Common Snail Vine...Vigna Phaesolus

floridabear(10b)July 8, 2007

Hi. I am looking for seeds of the common snail vine. NOT the highly prized 'corkscrew vine', wit the colorful flowers Vigna Caracalla. Just the light to dark purple snail shaped flowers.

The Caracalla is a pain to grow and I cant get it to bloom. I want to get some of the common purple one..I am told it is much easier to grow and you get many more blooms. So...does anyone have this vine and have some seeds they want to trade or deal in some other way??? Thank you.

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i have snail vine seeds and cuttings that i can send you ,try cuttings they root so well..but i can send you seeds also. i will check out your list and will find some thing that we can trade..send me an e-mail with your address

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I hope you got me email and got my email address with it. IF not...write me again and I'll try again. Thank you.

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Well...no reply to any of my emails. I guess the deal/offer is off? At least let me know,so that maybe someone else MIGHT help me out. PLEASE.

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sorry but i have not received any e-mail from you..the offer is still on if i can get your address..

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I answered your email in my hotmail account...but your address doesnt show up..so i guess it never made it to you. So I posted in here hoping to get a hold of you....and got no reply. So I gave up. I got seeds from someplace else. I answered you again from my hotmail account today..dont know if you got it or not. But I have tried to reach you since your first offer. As you can see from my desperate pleas for a reply from you. I got some now i have to hope they are any good. They are probably dead or old seeds. but its the risk I have to take I guess.

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I just sent you an email, I dont know if you are still interested. Let me know!

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Soccerguynn. I have not gotten any email from you or anyone else. Thank you for the offer. I finally for a BIG package of seeds off of EBay. So I dont need the seeds...now I need help with the VINE I bought!

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