HAVE: Have: White Morning Glory

michi81(zone 7)July 27, 2008

I have a huge white morning glory vine. I live here in Miami and it grows great on the wooden privacy fence in the back!

My neighbors are starting to complain that it is growing into their yards. :(

Before I have to cut her back and not share her beauty with anyone, I am willing to ship some of her out.

I am interested in a passion flower/fruit vine if anyone has one to trade.


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Hi Michelle -

I am VERY interested. I do have a passiflora but will need to get the name for you. The blooms are a Neon Pink Color.

But first, can you by chance post a photo and/or email the photo to me?

Or - can you describe this MG to me.
How large are the blooms?
What shape are the leaves?

Is this something that has recently started growing or did you plant it?

Have you noticed that this MG produces seeds?

Sorry for all of the questions, but I would like to have an idea of what kind of MG you have.

Please email me at

Thanks Michelle,

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michi81(zone 7)

First I will start out by telling you the story.
My mom was visiting me here in Miami where I reside and her friends car broke down by the Miccosukee Indian Casino. While she waited there for help, she saw this beautiful white morning glory vine. She thought about me and how I love plants. I had just moved into this townhouse where I reside now and have little space but LOVE plants. So she got me a cutting. When she gave it to me, I put it in a bottle in the windowsill and she grew roots. This was in December. I waited until she had lots of roots before planting her. She was only a 12 inch cutting when I got her. I planted her along the wooden privacy fence that separates my townhome from 4 neighbors yards on a small 5 foot tall trellis. I hadn't done any research on the vine so I had no idea she would overtake that trellis.
Here is a photo of what she looked like by April with her heart shaped leaves

And then here are some photos from June 19, 2008

And then on June 22, 2008 I noticed my first bloom

To date, she is growing into my neighbors yard;hence, the reason why I am offering her cuttings with roots because my neighbors are starting to complain :(
I did not measure the flowers but they are at least 4 inches wide and look great with the deep green foliage.
Her name I have no idea because she was growing more or less wild next to the casino
I have not had a chance to notice seeds yet. I have to research when I should be expecting those.
I am not sure if you have had morning glories before but keep in mind that morning glories do not like very fertile soil sites. They will not bloom as much with fertile soil.
I hope this answers your questions.

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The photos of the plant show this to be Ipomoea alba which is a night flowering moonvine...

The blooms usually close in the morning before noon,but there are reportedly some strains that remain open longer...

The nutrient that may delay flowering is nitrogen in excessive amounts,but nitrogen is only one of many different nutrients included in the somewhat fuzzy term of 'fertile' or 'fertilizer'...in fact most plants in the Morning Glory Family respond very favorably to a well balanced supply of most nutrients...Phosphorus is a major nutrient that is particularly well known to stimulate blooming...

Here are some threads where I have shared on the subject of Morning Glories and Nutrients

For those interested in the topic...

Copy and paste these url's into your browser for threads where I have shared previously on the subject of Morning Glories,the fuzzy term fertilizer and optimal nutrient supply to the plants...


Hope that helps...


Here is a link that might be useful: Ipomoea alba Fragrant Moonvine in the PlantFiles

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michi81(zone 7)

Hi Ron! Awesome load of info!! Thank you much for the schooling. As it was growing outside, I guess I really had no way of knowing that it was other than what my mother told me it was. So thanks again!! I do not know her to be fragrant though. I guess I will smell her next time :)

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michi81(zone 7)

I still have some rooted runners available. If anyone is interested. Email me or drop me a line.

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michi81(zone 7)

Ok so here is the update! I smelled the new bloom and I am sorry to say she is not fragrant so the ID may be wrong. She is just a white morning glory that blooms in the late evening and closes the following afternoon.

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The first thing I thought when I saw your flower is "Moonflower".
I have noticed though, for me, they only smell at night. By the morning, the fragrance is gone.I have heard that its something to do with the type of moths they attract, which only come out at night and they need those moths for pollination.
Am I right,Ron? I never know whether to believe some of the garden lore I hear,lol.

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debraq - The degree of fragrance in the Ipomoea alba seems to be connected to a number of factors including the combination of the specific strain and the environmental conditions...
The Mooonflowers are pollinated by moths,but moths are able to detect colors and odors that humans cannot..
so a flower may still be fragrant for a moth whereas the same flower may not have a detectable fragrance for a human...



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Is there a moonflower that stays open all day? I noticed one that grows beautifully on a fence and stays open all day. It looks just like moonflower/morning glory..white w/yellow center.

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lunaticdeadhead(zone 5)

Hi I was wondering about your white morning glory I have blue flower seeds

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