Vermi Tube

equinoxequinoxApril 9, 2010

I want every house in America, the world, moon and Mars to have a vermitube in their kitchen.

The most perfect flow through system

Maybe you have seen them at your dentistÂs office. A 6 inch hole in the counter top where waste is tossed into the garbage without having to touch a door or touch a trash can lid.

WouldnÂt it be great if right next to the cutting board one of these 6 inch openings cut right into the kitchen counter were the top of a worm bin? A cover might or might not be needed. In the cellar vermicast could be falling into a bin ready when you are for seed planting.

Can a flow through system be a 6 inch 6 foot plastic tube? Or 12 inch 12 foot tube? Or on the second floor an 18 inch 18 foot tube? Remember with airflow the "surface area" is the whole tube. Air should flow from the bottom to the top. Should, like in outhouses, air tubes be provided that escape upstream to let any smell escape like from the house water drain system? Can the heat of vermicomposting be captured even a bit for maybe a warm bread proofing cabinet warmed by the vermicomposting exhaust vent pipe going through the cabinet?

Why am I carrying kitchen vegetable waste down the cellar stairs when gravity can do the work for me?

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Your post reminded me of a "Modern Marvels" episode on the History channel. It was about 'bathrooms'. Someplace in California (I think) there is a bathroom where the paper towels fall through to be composted by worms.

I don't use a cutting board...plates and separate knives for everything and then all are washed. I don't even have that much kitchen garbage, food wise most of the time. A few napkins and stuff off the plates. Now if I had worms that could consume a beer can, then I would have some VERY well fed worms.

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Wonderful idea equinox. I can envision high-rise apartment buildings with greenhouses every 3 floors where the food is grown. The tubes could lead down to a reactor type vermicomposting set-up on the garden floors! Another tube takes your empty beer container down to the brewery floor for refills.......

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How about a flow through bin at the heart of the system, ultimate efficiency. Eeerh who gets to clean the tube? Not me! It must be auto cleaning, no big deal think I'll have a beer!


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