How to identify Red Wigglers - or have I been duped?

danell(7)April 24, 2011

We just bought 7 one gallon bags of Red Wigglers for $105.00. Not a single worm to be found so I called the vendor and she said to trust her, there are baby worms in there. Looking for reassurance and what to look for in the future - I thought we were getting adult worms is that not better.

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Hi Danell,

I would have thought that you should be getting at least some adults, even if they were all bedrun (a mix of eggs, young and adults).

Try looking through closely for cocoons (google to see what to look for, easily seen when you are used to it).

Most importantly, don't disgard the lot for at least 8-12 weeks. Keep it moist and maybe one small cup of kitchen scraps to attract any adults. In this time, cocoons should be hatching and away you go.

Good Luck!

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Sounds fishy to me, I've never heard of only babies being shipped, and certainly not real babies that are so small you can't see them that easily. I could only see that being done by hatching cocoons solo and then shipping the babies. But if they are that small you can't see them... I wonder how the shop knows they are there. I'd think you would have cocoon cases still in the mix also.

Doesn't sound like they have died if there were any in there though, dead worms smell horrible, can't miss that.

So the worms were sold by the gallon, not by weight?

Some pics of cocoons, they'll be corn kernal size or a little bit smaller.

Good luck.

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When people are sold worms there is a great expectation that each worm is... a worm that they can identify as such in the palm of their hand on the day of purchase. Please let the seller of these worms know of your inquiry on this page and let them know "real worm people" want to know, "Where's the Worms!". We are not talking about sea monkeys here. EVERYBODY knows what a worm looks like. Do not they? Baby worms should be sold as such. If not... is there a better business bureau? If not... just mentioned here should be more than enough. "Not a single worm to be found." This makes me angry. Also the bags... were they plastic? should not of been sealed. Did she advertise baby worms? If not then tell her you have a bridge to sell her. A baby bridge. Or a handfull of beans. She already layed an egg. And it is not golden.

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Right now a lot of folks are 'starting a worm business'. The business model consists of a web page and a drop shipper. The person who sold you the bag of dirt may be one of these 'new' worm merchants. I spoke against this business plan on another forum and was not received favorably. Unfortunately for the worms, their marketing has taken another 'hit'. I'm afraid you have been 'duped', but there are reputable worm dealers out there. My best advice is to buy local because some of the biggest also drop ship.

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Poop! Thanks everyone. Lucky for me she is local, unlucky for me I saw her at a plant fair and was reeled in. I'm driving over tomorrow and may take a copy of this along. Appreciate it!!!

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"How to identify Red Wigglers - or have I been duped?" Great title. One wonders why the much hawked Hongkongwillie never bothers to state the latin name of their "native" worms. Proper product nameing, not hype, prevents buying a pig in a poke.

If one wants native worms the best way to get some is to start a small compost pile on their native ground and in a bit harvest their own for free.

Does anyone know of an online site that prevents spamers? Please let me know as I can not abide them anymore. Especially wanted is any site that needs rejuivanation the way this one did a few years ago. Building is easy. Escaping spammers is not.

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LOL. Two eggs & Some babies! I sell Babies & eggs & adults. See if this Corn Cob Video uploads. If not, You Know that they ALL WILL head for corn cob. EVEN potworms. But so you can at least find pink babies after 30 days of trying. Bury Cob, spray mist. 24 or 48hrs, pick em off put in ashtray size container then bigger. Repeat process? I've had castings three months (After picking 100'$ Of eggs out) 128 adults. Now I'm baby sitn getn newly PINK babies out. The YELLOW dot on tail is Great!

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I would definitely, absolutely show her these comments. You should have been able to pick up a handful of squiggly, lively worms, along with bedding. Totally unmistakable, that there are worms. You shouldn't have to ask if you've been duped.

Here is a worm and cocoons

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Argh, I didn't realize that this was an old post. I wouldn't have posted to it. Duh.

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