wanted: wanted grape cuttings even if not in my zone!

francis_eric(5 Illinois)September 3, 2007

I want to start grape breeding I have different wild grape seeds vitis riparia these are the size of marbles, and have a mulbery taste very acidic(It can be watered down in juice)( I have more info about that juice, these can handle 100% humid like last years high In IL.)

(maybe vitis vulpina)pea size grape

(another one inbetween the two in size to me they all kinda have a potent mulbery taste)

I have some flowers seeds, but just a small amount seed in each packet(So I could spare a alittle of each, but have many), I wouldn't mind Sending SASE.

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I am also into breeding and have a lot of riparia hybrids. Would like to hear more about your discoveries there.


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I don't have any cuttings but I would recommend 'Reliance' grapes they are hardy to USDA z4 so they should be able to handle your climate plus they are fairly disease resistant, however they tend to have some problems with berry cracking and I've heard they are susceptible to deer and other pests. Remember that this is an especially vigorous grower.

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I have muscadines (wild and several domestic) I can send cuttings, looking for any grape that can survive central NC and also raspberries. Please check my trade lists. Thanks.

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shar2926(z8 Or)

Have cutting available of hemrod now, lakemont when pruned this fall.....I am looking for the old Tokay (with seedstype) I love them for table grapes best of all! also would try a cutting of black rose.....Have rootstock for grafting on these cuttings or could grow them from rooted cuttings whichever...

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I am looking for some grape vine cuttings. What I need is Reliance and or Thompcord.


Mike Hughes

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