Experience with Ranunculus & Iceland Poppy?

pebble09(8)February 5, 2013


I saw multicolor ranunculus and iceland poppy plants at lowes and got floored by their beauty. Bought some home even though I know each can be planted from bulbs/seeds. Now that I have them I find it hard to decide what to do with them. Tons of information out there on the net for both but they are both grown in many different zones. So wanted to ask y'all about how to best show them off here in Austin area, TX. Pls share your experience.

Plant them in pots or in flower beds?

Full TX sun or part shade?

They would come back right to share and swap? What do I need to do for that & when?

Is they on the menu for TX deer? I think they are both supposed to be poisonous or bitter even. But what of the flowers, are they plucked off?


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They like our cooler temps not the heat of summer. I planted both from tubers and seeds. Well I think the ranunculus are tubers, they look like dry little fits with fingers....grins.

I plant mine in bright sun but with some afternoon shade. The heat takes them out like it does pansies.

I would transplant gently into a bigger pot so I could move it around. Why? Because I think they are GORGEOUS and will have some transplant shock.

The poppies you can put in the ground.

Ranunculus do best for me if I plant them in Late November or early December. I didn't get mine in until early January. They are about 2 inches tall now and I will not get to enjoy them much.

To save your little "fist" for next year: Allow the plant to die a natural death and dry out. Remove the little claw like root, allow it to dry and keep in a paper bag until next November or December. I know, places will say to wait longer but they can take a freeze when they are green foliage. I've had them take hard freezes, but the heat is another story. I'm giving you a link where you can order some next year if you like.

Poppies can grow easily from seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ranunculus Giants

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Thanks for the advice about ranunculus. I'll put it in a pot and see how long it goes this year. Do you know about deer damage to them?

You know the site you mentioned says its about $2 per fist. That's pretty high don't you think. I bought tow plant with flowers and buds for $3 each from lowes. I would think the bulbs should be cheaper.


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I'm puzzled. I read 50 of them for $23 or $24

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Sorry bad math, you are right. So it'll be about 50c a piece.

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I'm glad you did...I'll look for them at Lowes. Cheers dc

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