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kenr1963April 7, 2010

Today I had some time and went to a local dairy and asked if I could get some cow manure he asked how much and I told well how much can I get he said about ten to twelve tons every other day.Starting when he plows his corn fields Gas money is all he wants.And then I went to the power company and asked if they would delever the wood chips that they cut from doing right aways and they said all that I want.WOW!!(Not finished)Then as I was going home stoped by the store and they had all these cardboard boxes outside asked if I could get them he said help myself and get all that I want every Wed.Now if I only had more worms.One question would you add fresh cow manure to the windrow as food for the worms?

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Ken .... hope you have a nice big yard! If you've already got a windrow going with worms, then as I understand it, just keep adding new manure to the end of the line and the worms will work their way through the windrow ... that way the heat and amonia are gone by the time they get there and start munching. Do you have a lot of worms already? Even if you don't now, you soon will ... and the manure will compost even if the worms don't get to it. The wood chips that I have paved my garden paths with have nearly all melted [composted]into the soil, while those that were piled up waiting to be used, are still hard and dry as dust. And my wild soil earthworms love the chips in my pathways. Anyway .... sounds like you hit the mother lode of worm food/compost. Just goes to show you that you never know 'till you ask....

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borderbarb I've just started I've got about four to five lbs of worms from my bins that I'm gonna transplant to the windrow when I get all of this together.

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Ken have you searched through your old manure piles for worms yet? There are lots of free compostable material if you look around. How about a coffee house for used coffee grounds? Pete

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menopete I've looked around my compost pile and no worms?But fifteen feet from the compost pile was a fresh pile of cow patty and they where a few worms under it.Coffee shop yea!!theres one in town.THANKS

PS.My compost took some and put it in my worm bin and they love it.

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