MINI worm composter

slystrApril 20, 2010

Here is my mini worm composter. I can't deal with a reg size bin in my kitchen and they will fry outside in my unshaded yard. I wanted to show my kid decomopsition and the plant cycle so I built this out of a 2 liter soda bottle. It has straw and rabbit poop and worms with a layer of funky red bell pepper and yellow cilantro all covered with more straw worms and rabbit poop/dirt.

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I am anxious to see how this experiment goes since it is contrary to most worm bin composting recommendations:
1. Clear bin
2. Coarse bedding
3. Acidic feed
Keep us posted.

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I;ve done this before and it works just fine. I'm not going for high worm production just enough decay and consumption to show my kid how it all works. Last time my bin lasted 1.5 years until I forgot it to death.

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When it grows you could upsize to the 3 liter bottles.

If you are sucessful with this tiny bin you should be sucessful with any bin. The larger the bin the easier to not error too wet, too dry.

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I am lovin the back ground fabric!!! I wonder if the worms think they are in outer space!

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