HAVE: 2 grape vines

flowersoffate(8)October 31, 2007

one is flame and one is a thompson seedless. these are hardy to zone 7. the tags got mixed and i don't know which is which. they are growing in 3 gal. pots. i already have 3 other grape vines and just don't need these. lmk what you have to trade. thanks.

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I don't have alot to trade. I have mixed merigolds, mixed hollyhocks and Mimosoa seeds. I have always wanted a grape vine. I am new to gardening and would gladly pass on my seeds next season. If I do not have anything you are interested in would it be possible to pay postage??


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I recently got a grape vine but it was leafless and is dead now. I'm just trying to get grapes started. I have more fragrant honeysucle than I can handle. I don't know what variety it is but it attracts bees (had a natural hive until roots replaced the hive) and individual vines grow quickly. It is established and has been taking over in shade but still blooms. Just a note this honeysucle has grown some vines over 20 feet but most are less. I would happily send you as much honeysucle as you want for a grape vine. Just let me know if you're interested.

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