HAVE: 3 Types of Vines

weeds105(z5 IL)December 1, 2005

1st: MG Mixed Colors-Ipomoea.

2nd: Love in a Puff-Cardiospermum halicacabum.

3rd: Wild Bean Vine-Strophostyles umbellata.

This vine has blooms that look like corkscrew vine but they are much smaller. The vine is also a perennial instead of an annual. Here is a web page that tells more about it:


Thanks for looking, Eileen

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I am interested in your wild bean vine...anything on my list you are interested in?

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mikeyjoe(Zone 6b, Southern Indiana)

Hello "weeds105",
I would be interested in your vines, and willing to trade anything from my list.

My trade list is small, but here it is.

Heirloom Tomatoes:
Yellow Pear
Green Zebra Stripe
Cherokee Purple
Orange Oxheart
Large Red Cherry
and a small Red Pear for which I do not have a name

Four O'Clocks
Rose Queen Cleome
Pink Cleome
Purple Cleome
Purple & White Cleome
White Cleome
Red Cannas
Red Hibiscus
Hyacinth Beans
Purple Foxglove
White Columbine
Cock's Comb
and a great mix of Morning Glories

I also have seeds from a plant that looks like a loofa, but the person who gave it to me called it an Ornamental Okra.

If I have anything you can use, please let me know.


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if u still have some of this i am interested wild Bean Vine-Strophostyles umbellata; check out my list. LMK


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i would like some love in a puff.

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