Tomatoes killed my wormies?

courtcourtApril 11, 2010

Remember me? I'm the one with a fruit fly problem. (And now that the weather is warmer, the worm bin is living outside, where I don't care if the fruit flies swarm when I open the lid.) But I digress...

As I was poking around in the bin today (I haven't put anything in there since whenever I originally posted about the least a week or two), I noticed that in a corner where I had put maybe a dozen grape tomatoes, there were a dozen, starting to break down grape tomatoes, and quite a few dead worms. In other parts of the bin, the worms are happily devouring apples, avocados, and bananas, so I scooped out the entire tomato corner, with whatever tomatoes were left and the dead worms, and tossed it in my outdoor compost heap.

I know several of you had mentioned that you've given your worms tomatoes before. Any clue what went wrong? It's no biggie, since I do still have happy, healthy worms elsewhere, I'm just curious as to what could have caused such a massacre.

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Wanted to add that that corner wasn't any more wet than any other area of the bin, so I don't think it was the water content.

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If I put a dozen grape tomatoes in my bin all at once, my worms would be doing a happy dance. They love tomatoes.

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