worms and low pressure

mendopeteApril 28, 2010

We have been getting thundershowers and rain for the past 3 days. I have 1 plastic tote bin, an outdoor bin, and several compost bins with worms. Just prior to the rain, many worms in the plastic tote began climbing to the vent holes. Worms in the other systems seemed normal. I checked today between showers, and there were hundreds of worms clinging to the plastic above the bedding. Their favorite place is an top of the handles, where there were large groupings. My other bins still appear quite normal. I am guessing it must be related to the amount of oxygen available in the plastic bin. As far as I can tell, none have escaped.

I found the way the worms reacted in the different systems interesting. Any thoughts?


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The worms may be more reliable than the stupid weatherman.
Imagine a job where no one expects or even cares if you are right or not.
Forget that, stock brokers have the same deal going.
My bad.

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