Mold on Strawberries & worms

iowafarmersdaughter(4)April 12, 2009

I was wondering if someone could help me. I was remiss in cleaning and preparing some strawberries I bought. Part of them are moldy and the others just over ripe. I hate to waste them altogether. Is it alright to feed them to my red wigglers?

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From what I've heard a little mold is ok, just make sure to cover with damp beding. I'v not had a chance to feed mine anything moldy yet but I would if could. Also I would not put them all in one spot in the bin or it could cause some problems, atleast if you are using a bin type like mine.

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Absolutely feed them to your worms. And dump them all in one spot, if you want to. The only problem I can see from putting them all in one spot is the possibility of them becoming anaerobic if there are a lot of them. Even then, any problems should be handled by the worms in a day or two.

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I agree with sbryce to dump in one spot. If it is something the worms don't like (yet), they can move to another spot.

have you fed your worms strawberries? I retrieved a full flat of overripe and moldy strawb. from the dumpster of a produce store several days ago. I chop them up (to save room in the freezer) and zip-locked them. I'm not going to feed them to the worms until after 1 week in the freezer to get rid of any unwanted insects and/or their eggs.
How well do worms tolerate strawb.? Is it considered acidic?


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I have not fed my worms strawberries, but I would not expect them to be any different than any other fruit. I have fed bananas and apple cores with no problems. I did have some dehydrated strawberries left over from a back packing trip that had been ignored for almost a year. I fed them to the worms. The worms seemed to like them.

Most of what I feed to my worms is mixed together, unless it is something out of the ordinary, so I often can't say whether one food is preferred over another.

As for food being acidic, I have posted here before that I think the problems with acidic foods are over stated. I once had two tomatoes that were over the hill. I buried them both together whole in the same spot in the bin. Except for a little problem with them going anaerobic for a few days, the worms seemed to enjoy them as much as anything else I have placed in the bin. I eat a lot of tomatoes, and toss the trimmings in the bin all the time. The worms love them.

As for dumping the strawberries in one spot, my advice is not to dump them in one spot to isolate them from the rest of the bin in case the worms don't like them. My advice is not to be afraid to dump them in one spot if that is what iowafarmersdaughter wants to do. I would treat the strawberries like any other food.

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THANKS, everyone! I really appreciate your advice!


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